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 The architectural design strives to make connections outwardly to the surrounding neighbourhood. The corner of Ontario Place and Main Street becomes a welcoming space for all the community to gather, with the Common House purposefully placed adjacent to it, acting as a transition piece between the private courtyard realm and the public street face. The inclusion of “stoops” at the Ontario Place residential entrances are intended to invite interaction at the quieter street. 
 The broader sociability goals are further emphasized by the network of oversized exterior walkways that allow for informal neighbourhood interaction; the shared outdoor use at the courtyard and the Common House; shared patios; and shared laundry spaces. 
  1  Southern courtyard / building orientation maximizes daylight.  2  Through units and operable windows allow for passive ventilation.  3  Living spaces with larger windows are located on south / courtyard side to maximize solar gains.  4  Minimal glazing on north facade.  5  Thermally broken canopies and walkways provide solar shading on south facade.  6  Passive House envelope with minimal articulation.  7  20/80 glass-to-wall ratio  8  Passive House certi ed windows and doors with a U-value < 0.8  9  Secure bike storage in courtyard and in below grade bike room.  10  Shared vehicle parking space  11  Shared outdoor amenity  12  Permeable paving surfaces  13  Air source heat pump for domestic hot water  14  Passive House certified heat recovery ventilators within units. 
 Young Pines in Light, Emily Carr, c. 1935
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  1  Community interface in front of Common House: The front yard creates a soft zone between public and private realms, where Tomo residents, neighbours and passers-by intermingle.  2  The entry at Common House activates and animates the northeast corner of Main Street and Ontario Place.  3  The main residential entrance on Ontario Place marks the arrival from busy Main Street into a residential scale environment.  4  Entrances to the townhouses along Ontario Place activate the street and give a residential scale while still allowing for privacy.  5  A residential scaled facade along Ontario Place and Main Street provides a soft and approachable edge.  6  Generous glazing creates social transparency in and out of the Common House.  7  Public/private interface at neighbour stoops and Juliette balconies: These semi-private spaces encourage residents to linger where they can cast eyes on the street, but still feel at home.  8  The southeast roof line is scaled to two stories to respect the context and mediate the streetscape along Main Street.  9  The profile of the building along Main Street is shaped by the familiar ‘gable’ form that maintains the residential character and scale of the neighbourhood.  10  Pedestrian scale: The street canopy creates greater comfort for residents as well as other pedestrians. 
  1  The south-facing courtyard provides a sun lled social space for all residents.  2  Common House connection to courtyard and Main Street: By providing a space for shared meals, creation and recreation, the common house is a powerful enabler of daily, meaningful social encounters.  3  Flexible parking spaces allow courtyard to expand to lane: Like people in single-family dwellings, Tomo residents may occasionally use parking areas for extra social space. In a future of autonomous and shared vehicles, these parking spaces may be converted back to social use.  4  Lane entry.  5  Generous walkways, social stairs and patios off the walkways increase the likelihood of more frequent, casual interaction between neighbours.  6  A vibrant interior cladding scheme contrasts the more modest exterior.  7  Multi-level spaces encourage socialization.  8  Through units allow for cross ventiliation.  9  Robust materials ensure longevity and low maintenance over time. 
  1  Standing Seam Metal - White   2  Standing Seam Metal - Silver   3  Salvaged Brick - Buff   4  Passive House Certified Window - Wood   5  Passive House Certified Window - Aluminum   6  Steel Guardrail   7  Cementitious Panel Siding - Green, Varied Tones   8  Standing Seam Metal Canopy - White
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