Site Plan    1  The Big House    2  The infill

Site Plan

1 The Big House   2 The infill

  Main Floor     1  Porch  2  Entry    3  Kitchen    4  Dining Room   5  Living Room   6  Bedroom   7  Bathroom   8  Shared Garage

Main Floor

1 Porch 2 Entry   3 Kitchen   4 Dining Room  5 Living Room  6 Bedroom  7 Bathroom  8 Shared Garage

  Second Floor     1  Kitchen    2  Dining Room   3  Living Room   4  Bedroom   5  Bathroom   6  Patio

Second Floor

1 Kitchen   2 Dining Room  3 Living Room  4 Bedroom  5 Bathroom  6 Patio



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Union Street, Vancouver, BC


Type: Character Retention + New Infill Building, RT-3

Area: 5800 sf

Status: In Construction

General Contractor: Terris Lightfoot Contracting Ltd


A restoration to a 100+ year old heritage home and the addition of an infill building at the lane will transform this site from a single family dwelling to a 5 unit development for the homeowner, her aging mother and her extended family. 

The heritage home exterior will be lovingly restored to its period, with a completely renovated interior space that expresses the Owner's artfulness and a small addition that speaks to the new infill building. This restoration allows for a creative interpretation of the infill building. Inspired by the Joe Wai development immediately to the east and the inherent eclecticism of the Strathcona neighbourhood, the infill building is conceived of a series of houses connecting and intersecting. 

The development provides this art-oriented community with a sculptural and whimsical piece of Architecture that serves to highlight the existing character home. The project proposes an approach that both respects and adores the existing character home and its siting and an infill that is an appropriately scaled and artfully rendered rendition of the surrounding typologies. The design intention is that each building stands as a monument to its time; each complimenting and contrasting the other.

The project will be achieved with great support from the community at large as well as the City of Vancouver, as an example of a "Missing Middle" projects that promotes character retention. The City of Vancouver supported measures that allowed the building to mostly remain within Part 9 of the building bylaw, this avoiding costly commercial construction methodologies and allowing the project to be as affordable as possible.